Will live: buy a Mazda CX-5
Zoom Zoom Remember this strange slogan that accompanied the change of generations from the 300th and 600th series to the laconic 3rd and 6th? Youth, enthusiasm, drive. Only 10 years…

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JAC S4 and S7 crossovers
JAC S7 will start coming to Russia from Kazakhstan, where its assembly is already being established at the enterprise “SaryarkaAvtoProm”, and S4 will be delivered directly from China. This was…

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Opel officially in Russia: start at the end of the year, three models, ambiguities with dealers
French concern PSA starts Russian sales of Opel in the fourth quarter of 2019. Entering the market three models. Opel Zafira Life and Opel Vivaro will be assembled at the…

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5 reasons to love and hate Great Wall Safe

Great Wall Safe – from that first generation of Chinese cars in Russia, about which legends were made: they seemed to be falling apart on the move 100 meters away from the dealership, and inside it was unbearably smelled of poisonous phenol. But go and go: Safe is still no-no and yes, it is found on the “secondary housing”, and the machines do not look like trash. Maybe there is a Chinese SUV and something good? Try to figure it out.

The Safe SUV (also known as SUV G5), the prototype of which was the Toyota 4Runner (also known as Hilux Surf) of 1988 – 1997 with the factory index N130, was produced from 2001 to 2009. Initially, cars imported from China were sold in Russia, but soon, in 2006, a large-node assembly was organized at the Irito factory in Gzhel.

“Russian” cars had a number of differences from “Chinese”: the floor, located 4 cm below, disc rear brakes, front hubs with automatic freewheel clutches, electrical control of the transfer case and rack and pinion steering. In general, the car was a typical “universal” class SUV frame: a frame based on a ladder frame, independent front torsion and dependent rear spring suspension, either rear or full drive with a connected front axle and two-speed transfer case, the transmission is only a five-speed manual.

Great Wall Safe (CC6460DY) ‘2004–09 Great Wall Safe (CC6460DY) ‘2004–09
By the way, the first cars assembled in Russia were carried on the back of nameplates not with the name Safe or SUV G5, but with unimaginable indices: CC6460DY and CC6460FMK20 in the case of all-wheel drive and CC6460D and CC6460FMK00 in the case of rear-wheel drive versions. In this case, the Latin letter D in the index denoted compliance with a 2.2-liter gasoline engine with 105 hp. (the only one provided for the model) to the Euro-2 standard, and the letters FMK – Euro-3.

Safe SUV G5 was not destined to become a bestseller of the brand: first, the SUV lost to the cheaper, but closest in consumer qualities pick-up truck Deer G3, and then the Great Wall Hover became more comfortable, elegant and balanced. Nevertheless, the company “Irito” annually sold from 500 to 1 000 units of the Safe model, and many of them still remain on the move.

The offer price for these cars in the secondary market ranges from 100 to 450 thousand rubles, although the vast majority of copies of the owners ask from 250 to 350 thousand. It cannot be said that they are being bought up like cakes, but in principle, even 12 or 13 year old Safe have a chance to find new owners. And for what they love, and why they hate the Great Wall SUV G5?

It is clear that today a large part of the “living” Great Wall Safe park has been acquired on the secondary market and changed at least one owner. But buyers of used cars, and those who once acquired a brand new SUV in the cabin, amicably complain about the quality of the paintwork and the low resistance of body parts to corrosion. “The whole machine was in spiders”, “The muzzle” was blast-mounted, the “spiders” appeared, and the steps were completely peeled off, “There is a feeling that they painted the car without a primer”, “By winter the body began to bloom, chrome was covered with bluish bloom, all the bolts were rusted from below . But I did an anticorrosive before buying, then another 4 bottles of “Movil” on the tubes and cavities went away, and the can of litol on all the bolts and nuts! “,” The paintwork is really not up to par – scratched with a fingernail when strongly pressed. ”

Great Wall Safe (CC6460DY) ‘2004–09 Great Wall Safe (CC6460DY) ‘2004–09
And this, as you understand, is far from all complaints. But the G5 is a full-fledged SUV, and mostly lovers of nature have bought it. And it is very disappointing when every trip out of town leaves stripes and divorces from contact with the branches on the sides. Why are there with sprigs – with grass! However, a way to deal with this scourge still exists. If, immediately after the purchase, to treat the body with a polish with high protective properties, and then to repeat the treatment fairly regularly, the risk of corrosion is sharply reduced.

SUV G5 became a conscious and natural choice for those who really wanted to drive a solid and solid SUV, but could not afford to buy a Mitsubishi or Toyota. Moreover, among Safe buyers, there have always been a lot of off-road neophytes as well as those who have already gained a decent operating experience with UAZ, Niva and used all-wheel-drive models of famous brands.

And here comes a man in the salon, and there Safe G5, a little more expensive than 520,000 rubles. Outside it looks solid, poured 4Runner, which he drove before – but new, and therefore it seems more modern, smart and even more dynamic. Alloy wheels, chrome – in a word, the whole gentleman’s set is present. And a person understands that for such money he can buy only a UAZ, but there will not be an air conditioner there, and the quality is also in doubt.

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