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Смотрите подробности сто кузовной ремонт тут.
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Paint and sell: buy a Toyota Camry XV40

Of course, everyone knows that in the world there is only one brand, whose cars never break. True, the symbol of success and prosperity in recent years has faded a little. And the reason for this – the dominance of Camry in a taxi. And the popular service did not even put it in the business class – only comfort … A slap in the face? Of course! But at a time when our heroine was young and fresh in the spring, her reputation was impeccable. And often the “forties” could be seen at all levels of government agencies. Confirmation of this quite by accident, but it was found – everyone knows the famous expression of Henry Ford, who unobtrusively printed the color of his Ford T. Exactly it sounded like this: “You can get a Ford T of any color, provided that this color is black.” Apparently, the old man did not know that another hundred years would pass, and not only his Fords would be black. It so happened that all the cars we examined also turned out to be exactly that color.

What and how are we looking for?
According to the old Soviet tradition, officials choose black cars. Solid, expensive, inspires respect. Maybe it is. The main thing to note: if you see a black Camry in the ad, check out the previous owners. Chances are that the car spent youth in some departmental garage. And here it makes sense to compare the readings on the odometer with the “readings” of the rear seats – the run can be mercilessly twisted. On Toyota, unfortunately, this is very easy to do.

Well, now let’s get to the main point: which motor and box to choose? There is only good news from Toyota: there were simply no bad modifications!

The most popular Camry engine of this generation is the row “four” 2AZ-FE of 2.4 l. This engine is not for nothing that some consider “eternal”. By modern standards – the way it is. True, with all the engines are such radiators, which at the age of about ten years can begin to leak. But if the motor is not heated, the mileage of 300-350 thousand is far from critical for him. Here, even a native chain may even stand for this run. But you still need to make sure that nothing is leaking through the gaskets and the connector of the oil pressure sensor: rubber bands to this run can grow old. Including, for example, and sealing nozzles.

The second most popular engine is a 3.5-liter 2GR-FE. Also a very decent unit, although finding a car with it can be more difficult. The fact is that many Camry owners with V6 confused this car with Lamborghini and annealed with might and main. Yes, and the weight of the engine has also contributed: the front suspension with it requires more attention than with 2AZ-FE.

Both motors should check the operation of the VVT-i phase shifters coupling. If during a cold start a suspicious crash is heard – bargain. By the way, the second motor can crack and the chain. It happens that it stretches when running a little over a hundred thousand kilometers.

Machines with a manual box almost none. The main automatic transmissions are the Aisin U250E on vehicles with a 2.4-liter engine and a six-speed U660E for vehicles with a 3.5-liter engine. Here, too, the car with the U250E looks a bit more preferable – the Camry can already rot, and it will still work. But the U660E is a bit less durable. At least because of the faster wear of the lock plates of the torque converter. But in addition, Camry V6 with such boxes are often used to humiliate the owners of BMW, so that the operating conditions they usually were tougher.

On this theory is enough. We get the same virtual 750 thousand rubles from the virtual piggy bank (the valuation service insists that we have enough money for a decent car) and we are going to see what they offer us to buy.

Very little
The first car has just that lack about which we already spoke: among five its owners there were two in a row legal entities. Although most likely, the face was one, but passed some re-registration. Introductory such: 2009 model year, 2.4 liters, automatic transmission, 650 thousand rubles and 150 thousand kilometers. Everything is possible except the last …

Let’s start with a moment of disappointment: even then, Toyota was not very good at painting. Therefore, all three cars we examined were repainted. Given that a thin layer of paintwork keeps on these machines very mediocre, and chips appear regularly from every detail, repainting may not even be as bad as a peeling hood or a rotten windshield frame. The main thing that was not putty. Here it is not, but there is a double layer of paint.

All exterior elements repainted. And this is done, honestly, not bad. Another thing is that the salon is not able to hide some of the metamorphosis that the odometer of this car suffered.

First, the seats have lost their shape. And the “rag” itself is already very worn out, and there are small but unpleasant defects on the door panels.

There are a lot of scratches on plastic parts, and the steering wheel rim looks like it was rubbed with sandpaper.

Now open the hood. Pay attention to the exhaust manifold screen. 150 thousand? Yes of course.

Since I did not hide the thickness gauge, and my emotions, too, the seller did not hide that the car was not his.

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