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A good pont is more expensive than money: we buy a Bentley Continental GT l

If in the West this car is associated with wealth and solid age, then in our country it is perceived as a toy of major and golden youth. This stereotype successfully accompanies a large number of resonant stories. Noticed – we did not even indicate the value of the proposed purchase? And the appraisal service agrees with our approach, so I refused to give the recommended retail price. Because the one who buys Bentley does not count money. And if he thinks, he lives by the principle of “a good bluff is more valuable than money”. However, buying this aged sample of “luxury”, the whole wagon of money, including a cart, can be paid for firewood: nobody, even Bentley, is insured from accidents, car thefts and damage. So do not reassure yourself that the owners of these cars are fabulously rich and do not save on their cars. The first owner may not save, but the rest …

What, where and how are we looking?
We will not restrict ourselves, the more so that the choice and so poor. Do not faint with admiration at the mention of Bentley – this is the same bucket of bolts, like most expensive cars in his youth, but for space money. Checking this car should be biased than Renault Capture or Kia Sid, and remember that inattention can cost much more here. Here are just the chances of this tend to zero, which was confirmed during our examinations.

Well, about the modifications and complete sets everything is very simple: there is practically no choice of motors and boxes. In the second generation in 2012, a small four-liter V8 motor appeared, but the first generation had to be content with only a six-liter W12. The eight-speed automatic also doesn’t shine for us: it appeared just with the V8 engine. So we have no choice – only W12 and a six-speed automatic. What to expect from them?

To begin with, the “Conti” is the first Bentley car built by the British on the Volkswagen platform. Yes, the Continental was based on the Volkswagen D1 trolley, on which the Volkswagen Phaeton, Bentley Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur were built. Therefore, the motor here is also still German, not English. It consists of two offset-row VR6 units. And, by the way, he is well diagnosed by a scanner for Volkswagen. In fairness, we note that the motor issues are usually at a minimum.

But the ZF 6HP26 automatic transmission was less fortunate here: it works at the limit of its capabilities, so the slightest kicks and pushes can mean the need for close repairs. By the standards of Bentley, it will be inexpensive, but a hundred thousand – also money.

But the rest of the transmission is usually kept well. The drive here is only full, differential with asymmetrical Thorsen.

Suspension Continental does not usually complain. And yet we must understand that this is, firstly, Bentley, and secondly, pneumatics. And yet – adaptive shock absorbers. All this stuff separately costs a lot, and together it is simply monstrously expensive. For one pneumatic rack you can easily give 120 thousand or even more.

By the way, the most expensive in “Konti” is not the racks or even the AKP, but “iron”. Native original front fender can buy thousands for 180, although for Bentley there are a huge number of analogues and even fights. True, not in Russia.

Well, buy a ticket to the world of luxury and wealth?

Everything is ruined before us
Let’s start with an inexpensive (in terms of Bentley) instance. For the 2007 coupe, they are asking for 1.6 million rubles, the mileage is one hundred thousand kilometers.

It seems that the car was collected on the knee. Clearances near headlights uneven, the joints of the wings and bumper sloppy. Let’s see what the thickness gauge will say. He didn’t have time to really utter a word, and the only manager in the whole salon was right there.


Well, the luxury car relies the appropriate service. By the way, this is not such a sedan. And, apparently, is not very elite. I managed to look at something.

Solid 1 125 microns on the right front wing and about the same – on the left. I think that these elements will not get any worse from the thickness gauge. But if prohibited, we will look with our eyes. And for this open the hood.

Here and without any devices it is clear: the car was beaten, restored and beaten again. All bolts and fasteners are torn off, the paint is uneven, the varnish exfoliates.

In general, everything is clear with the car: you can’t buy it anymore. But let’s still see the salon.

What is forgivable is Hyundai, that is unforgivable Bentley. And worn out to disgrace the wheel rim near the spokes, and cracks in the leather of the chair – this is very unlike the hundred thousand mileage. Here it is, another disappointment.

No, to give 1.6 million rubles for such a car is a crime. We will look for something better.

From what was …
From what it was, you can blind anything. Even Bentley.

Here, for example, a good car at first glance: 2005, 1,730,000 rubles, 50 thousand kilometers. True, he had 10 owners (10, Karl!), And there is not a single maintenance document.

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