Five reasons to love and hate Renault Fluence
Renault Fluence has never been a hit and bestseller. There were no queues behind this model, and it was not necessary to wait for many months to receive your car…

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Yuta Takahashi, Suzuki: “We will begin to discuss with engineers the adaptation of Ignis for Russia”
We are talking about the 10-year warranty on Vitara, the disappointing results of the new Jimny in Euro NCAP, the prospects of Suzuki Crossby and Lapin in the Russian market…

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Project Aurus: at whose expense is this “Cort”, where did the Arabs go, and what is the UAZ?
In 2018, five years after the start of the design work on the "Cortege", we were shown the Aurus sedan at the Moscow Motor Show, and a little earlier Putin…

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No drive - no problem: buy a Suzuki Grand Vitara
Grand Vitara broke into our market in 2005 as a bright class star. Still, a modern and comfortable frameless crossover with real off-road attributes: ponizhaykoy and tight locking center differential.…


Chery begins assembling cars on the "Autotor"
This information in private conversations of the editors was reported by several sources at the Kaliningrad enterprise and at the Russian representative office of the Chinese company Chery Automobile…


Contrary to stereotypes: the smallest cars of the Russian market

The car market is a reflection of consumer demands: today it is dominated by sedans and crossovers, because everyone needs cars “bigger and more difficult”. However, there is a certain consumer audience, the tastes of which are radically different: for the money available, they are looking primarily for a compact machine. What options does today’s market offer them?

On the compacts, our market was noticeably poorer, and “from all sides”: the once-cheap new car in the face of Daewoo Matiz left the conveyor a long time ago, and more expensive models like the Peugeot 107 paired with the Citroen C1 are also not represented here, although in Europe sold a new generation. Nevertheless, some choice for those who need a car no longer than 4 meters, still remains – and moreover, soon this size class is even waiting for replenishment. True, the truly budget options are no longer there. Unless, of course, you do not need … an SUV.

Length: 3,640 / 3,740 mm
Price: from 519 000 rubles
In the absence of Matiz and “Chinese” like Lifan Smily and Chery Kimo, it was the former Niva that became the cheapest car with an overall length of up to 4 meters. In many ways, thanks to this, it remains very popular, monthly diverging in circulation of 2.5-3 thousand pieces. The three-door has a little more than 3.7 meters in length, and plastic bumpers of the Urban version save another good 10 centimeters, reducing the overall length to 3,640 mm. True, behind the back of the sofa second row in the three-door is only 265 liters of free space – those who need rear doors and a trunk for 420 liters will choose the five-door version, which is 24 centimeters beyond our limit.

The key technical characteristics are known to almost everyone: the unaltered petrol engine 21214 for 83 hp and the same non-alternative five-speed mechanics, razdatka with a decreasing side and a permanent four-wheel drive through the center differential with the possibility of blocking.

Separately, it can be noted except that the factory version of the Bronto, which is among the cars with the largest clearance. Here, 240 mm of ground clearance, reinforced bridge and suspension and samobloki on both axes, which significantly increases maneuverability. True, this version is worth 723,000 rubles.

But the usual Lada 4 × 4 is available at a price of 519,000 rubles – however, of the comfort options, there will only be power steering and power windows. To get electric mirrors and heated front seats, you need to pay a little more – 538 thousand, and if you also need air conditioning, then 567. In the Urban version, only the “full suite” is available for 582 thousand rubles.

Length: 3,595 mm
Price: from 639 000 rubles
Picanto is a real long-liver and permanent guard of the compact segment in Russia: the third generation is regularly present in the model lineup of the Korean manufacturer. Well, Kia can afford it – while Rio, Sportage and Optima do the checkout, Picanto is virtually single-handedly in the non-premium A-class. True, market adjustments did remove the three-door version from the gamut, and only the five-door version remained in the current generation. It grew in length to 3.6 meters, which slightly improved the position of the rear passengers and allowed to increase the trunk up to 255 liters – which is small, but quite usual by the standards of the segment.

But what is not very typical for the segment is the choice of engine. Picanto is offered with two atmospheric engines of the Kappa II family: 1 and 1.2 liters. The first has 3 cylinders, produces 67 hp and combined with a five-speed mechanics, and for the second, four-cylinder and 84-horsepower, it offers an automatic machine with 4 steps.

From a financial point of view, these engines separate the basic configurations from the richer: a liter unit is available only in the initial versions of Classic and Comfort. The basic equipment for 640,000 is in many ways marketing: it has frontal airbags, a light sensor, a tire pressure monitoring system and heated washer nozzles, but no air conditioning, power windows, an audio system, or even a driver’s seat height adjustment. All this appears only in the performance of Comfort for 725 thousand.

For the machine will have to pay at least 740 thousand, but in this configuration Comfort air conditioning and electric windows are still there. For those who are willing to pay, such “adult” options as heated steering wheel, side airbags and curtain airbags, keyless entry, dashboard color screen and multimedia with navigation are also available. True, it costs already 900 thousand in the Prestige version, and navigation appears only in the GT Line configuration for 945 thousand. By the way, there is a “cross-version” with black plastic overlays – this will cost 890 thousand rubles.

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